Michelle P. Heatherton
Writer/Editor ~ Investor ~ Educator ~ Philanthropist ~ Musician/Artist ~ Entrepreneur
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A Tribute to My Parents...
​     My mom and dad, Patricia ("Paddy") and Gene Heatherton, were the most compassionate, supportive, genuine, and intelligent people I've ever known.  They were open-minded and tolerant, creative and courageous, witty and wise, gentle and strong.  

     Although my parents came from very modest (and often, difficult) circumstances, their love and generosity extended to many individuals and organizations over the years.  Their lives were not defined by materialistic pursuits, but rather by their desire to help, share, and give to others.

     In honor of the spirit in which they lived, I have strived to continue - and to expand - their legacy of giving.  Thank you, Mom and Dad, for being the best parents, role models, and friends!